It’s a beautiful day
for a neighbour.

Would you be mine?






Refer a friend or family member and get up to $1,000*

We love when YOU love where you live. That’s why referrals from homeowners like you are our greatest compliment.  It’s also why we’re inviting you to let your friends and family know how great it is to live in a Brookfield Residential home or community. You can receive $500 for a home referral, $500 for a community referral OR both!*.certified-neighbour@4x


Once your friend or family member moves in you’ll officially become a Brookfield Residential Certified Neighbour! This will grant you some awesome perks, including advance food tickets for events, information on new products and an opportunity to be featured on our social media.


It's our thanks for being a good neighbour—to your friends and family and to us. Because when even more people love where they live, every day is a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

I live in a Brookfield Residential home and want to make a referral for OR purchase another Brookfield Residential home.

Home and Community Referral

I live in a Brookfield Residential community and would like to make a referral for OR purchase a home within a Brookfield Residential community.

Community Referral

Please print form, fill out and bring to your sales associate.




Won’t you be our neighbour?

Brookfield Residential plans & builds communities where you truly belong. Whether you live in a legacy or active Brookfield Residential Community, we want to celebrate you being a key part of what makes our communities, home – by thanking every Brookfield Residential Community resident with two exclusive programs to reward your loyalty.

Move into or refer someone that moves into one of these communities and get rewarded!